Engineering & Mechanical Services


Mechanical and engineering services encompass a broad spectrum of activities aimed at designing, developing, installing, optimizing, and maintaining engineering applications, systems, and infrastructure. This involves the participation of professionally trained and skilled personnel or engineers, who analyze and offer solutions to meet customers’ requirements, thereby enhancing system productivity and efficiency throughout the process.

Furthermore, expertise in mechanical engineering principles, professional training, and technical support are utilized to develop operating procedures and provide technical assistance for troubleshooting and problem resolution.

Our Expertise

JATI’s professional-skilled engineers possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise in combustion and heating system engineering, enabling us to provide customized solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of our clients. Extensively, JATI also offer skilled workmanship in metalwork, wiring, thermal insulation, testing and commissioning of burner & controls system, burner servicing & troubleshooting, machine & equipments installation and other relevant mechanical works. We are always welcomed challenges and thrive through with passion and professionalism within the industry.

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