Industrial furnace used to heat treat material to extreme high temperature using variety of fuel & control mechanism. It comes with different configuration and design to meet the final process output, application such as batch or continuous furnace, either closed or open system are available to cope with various heat treatment process. Typical industrial furnace design such as shuttle kiln, bogie hearth furnace, galvanizing furnace, tunnel furnace are some of the few system that widely implies for extreme high temperature material processing whereby the operating temperature can goes up to 1600 °C!

Our Expertise

In JATI, nothing are impossible. Various range of burner & control system with maximum safety & optimum efficiency available to design/tailor made the solution for our client. Industrial burner products capable to supply extreme high temperature up to 1600 °C with the most abundant safety interlock to ensure the system always runs at the most reliable way while keeping the burner combustion at optimum efficiency.

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