Industry 4.0

IOT Ready & Implementation

Industry 4.0 are the next big leap in industrial revolution, by integrating Internet of Things (IoT), cloud-based information transfer and machine learning in the process of operation. We are capable to provides the most comprehensive, customizable and user-friendly interface and solutions for customer to cope with their transition into the latest trends. Clients able to obtain real-time information on their equipment in operations, receiving alerts or fault, keep track of historial data over time for analytic purpose, ensure the thermal process equipment running safely, efficienctly and effectively.

Our offers

Honeywell Thermal IQ

Thermal IQ platform is a remote monitoring solution modernize the traditional way of thermal process parameters monitoring by digitalizing the critical parameters, linked to cloud-based server, enable end user to extract thermal process data in real time, perform immediate analytic on the thermal process / equipments. This improves the machine’s reliability as it get asset insights and categorize based on anomalies with advnaced analytic, hence potential downtime could be avoided. With the combination of SLATE burner management system, client able to get the right information, in the right hands, at the right time.

Autoflame Data Transfer Interface (DTI)

Autoflame offers the module to let end-user know in real time on the boiler performance, via on-site or remotely through PC or BMS system. With storage of data up to 2 years, end user able to extract and tabulate the data trending collected and perform analysis based on the information. With just only one module, the DTI able to catch up and stores information up to 10 units of Autoflame system linked to it, and those data are instantly available to be transmit to an external source such as a BMS via RS422 or Modbus protocol via Ethernet. With provided DTI software, user able to remotely connected to Autoflame DTI to get the real time information of the boiler in operation.

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