Low Emission

Minimal Emission to Greener Environment

To meet with the even stricter emission regulation worldwide, contents inside the combusted emission are highly looked into to achieve lower or minimal harmful greenhouse gases by-products. NOx, a collective term for Nitric Oxide (NO) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), are one of the leading Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) emitted through combustion contributes to the global climatic changes. New or current burners are undergoing R&D to lower or minimize the emission of NOx in order to meet tightening global emissions regulations.

Our offers

Limpsfield Low NOx Technology

Limpsfield burner have been designed to ensure minimal emissions are released into atomsphere. Detailed research and experiments in Limpsfields burner design to ensure the lowest emission up to sub 30ppm NOx are achievable throughout the firing range. Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR) by introducing 10 to 15 % of flue gases back into the burner’s state-of-the-art split head gas head to achieve the low NOx emissions by natural gas firing. Limpsfield devoted to continuously improve to meet and exceeding the everchanging stingent international emission regulation.

Baltur LX burner

Baltur developed low emission technology able to meet with European Standard EN676: Class 3. Their specially design and developed combustion heads recycle an exact quantity of exhaust gases to the air / gas flow of burner supplied, while ensuring “clean” combustion with excess air below normal levels. This technology developed by Baltur provides the real contribution in lowering the emission of harmful pollutant such as NOx into the atmosphere.

Beside special developed combustion head, Baltur also intorduced FGR into their burner (Monobloc or Dual-Block) system with objective to reduce NOx emission.

Honeywell Low Emission Burner

To meet the latest low emission regulations, Honeywell products has been designed and honed via an exhaustive R&D process to ensure each burner and control system is engineered and lab tested to optimize performance. Honeywell Low Emission (LE) products offers across range from low to high temperature application as high as 1400 °F such as glass furnaces while maintaining low NOx emission. Honeywell self-recuperative burner for indirect firing offers best-in-class NOx emissions and improved efficiency thanks to its ability to operate in flameless mode as well as a redesigned recuperator.

Industrial Burner Solution

With our decades of experience in combustion engineering, Jati is capable of specifically size/design burner system to meet application’s need. Depending on the site and production criteria provided, we could offer burners from range of packaged, dual-blocks, high-temperature, recuperative and even in-line combustion design, wide range of burner configuration available for us to provides the best proposal to meet client’s needs.

Throughout years of on-site experience and technical knowledge in hand, Jati is always ready to challenge and serve our client with our passion and dedication in combustion engineering field, to provide the optimum solutions in achieving good combustion efficiency, low emission to environments and long reliability.

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