Zero Carbon

Pathway to Hydrogen Combustion

To impact on zero carbon footprint globally, the most abundant element in the universe, Hydrogen H2 plays a huge role on the route to cleaner energy alternatives. Hydrogen firing are the mainstream to achieve Net Zero Carbon, a goal sets by United Nations’ COP21 Paris Climate Agreement and incooperates by highly developed countries in global scale. Thermal appliances developed specially for 100% Hydrogen or H2-mixture Firing ensure the technology provided are safe, stable and efficient.

Our offers

Honeywell Complete Solution For Hydrogen Combustion

Honeywell offers wide range of products needed for Hydrogen Combustion, from fuel train, burners to burner management system. Hydrogen-ready products and solutions gives a vast selection across different applications and markets. With existing Honeywell products, depending on the Hydrogen % contents in fuel to be fired, customers are able able to convert their application for Hydrogen Firing through minimal modification or adjustment made, with condition of the existing application / system must be able to be cope the changes of fuel properties in terms of molecular properties and caloriofic value (CV).

Limpsfield Burner 100% Hydrogen Firing

Limpsfield Burner are capable to firing 100% Hydrogen or any known mix of Hydrogen as long as the CV are known. Limpsfield had conducted testing and commissioning on various case studies with Hydrogen Firing due to their flexible approach to design and provides custom gas combustion head to meet the respective hydrogen content requirement.

Industrial Furnace Solution

Jati offers products for industrial heat treatment processes combine energy efficiency, maximum safety and availability as well as an optimum price/performance ratio resulting in tailor-made solutions to meet client’s requirements. We able to design the burner/furnace solution according to client’s temperature requirement, up to 1600 deg C. Either providing a new furnace solution or retrofitting current furnace/burner system, in Jati we always have the best solution!

With our product principal which are specialized in high-temp furnace application, we could provide the most reliable and cost-effective solution to client’s operational needs, while having optimum combustion efficiency, cost-savings and low emission to the environment taken care of.

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