Autoflame Boiler Temperature Sensor

Th temperature sensor can be used for several applications with the MM systems.

Autoflame temperature sensor can be used as a load sensor with the Mk8 MM or Mini Mk8 MM, for this the following options must be set:

Boiler temperature / pressure sensor type : MM10006 (Temp. 0 – 400°C / 752°F)

  • Maximum 2.5mm flat blade screw driver for electrical connections
  • IP Rating :  65
  • NEMA : 4
  • Torque Setting : 15-20Nm
  • Do Not use case to tighten pressure connection
  • O-Ring Material : Viton
  • Storage Temperature : – 25C to 85C
  • Operating Temperature : – 25C to 85C
  • Media Temperature (steam) : – 25C to 85C


Part No.Temp. Detector LengthKGs
MM10006/100 (U)100mm0.45
MM10006/150 (U)150mm0.45
MM10006/200 (U)200mm0.45
MM10006/250 (U)250mm0.45
MM10006/400 (U)400mm0.45


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