Autoflame Industrial Servo Motor MM10070

Autoflame Industrial ServoMotor is a rotary type electric actuator for use with the MM systems. It is available in 4 sizes with torque output ranging from 40 to 400Nm. The UNIC servomotors can be used for air dampers and water valves.

A 4-20mA version of the UNIC servomotors is available for use on the analogue channels on the MMs as well as for controlling feedwater valves.

The industrial servomotors feature:

  • Light, compact design.
  • High torque output.
  • Built-in thermal protector to prevent motor burnout by overloading.
  • Easy to install and suitable for use in narrow spaces.
  • Simple structure design.
  • Mounting bracket and coupling available for direct mounting onto air dampers or valves.
  • Manual operation is possible with the included manual crank handle.
  • Simplified wiring using internal terminal block.
  • Available in 230V, 110V AC for use with the Mk8 MM and Mini Mk8 MM.
  • 24V DC version available for use with Autoflame Bottom Blowdown modules.
  • ATEX approved version is available for hazardous environments.
  • 4-20mA version for use with MM analogue output channels.
The UNIC industrial servomotors are available as special version that can be controlled using analogue 420mA signal, which enable the servomotors to be controlled via the analogue current signal from the MM.
The following channel outputs can be used on the MM to drive the 4-20mA UNIC servomotors:
  • Mk8 MM :
    • Ch5, Ch6, Feedwater servomotor/VSD analogue output
  • Mini Mk8 MM  :
    • Ch4
Model Type :Output Shaft Torgue :Drive Motor :
MM1007039.2Nm (29 Lb.ft)8W (E type)
MM1007298Nm (72 Lb.ft)20W (E type)
MM10074196Nm (144 Lb.ft)30W (E type)
MM10078392Nm (289 Lb.ft)90W (E type)

* For any order enquiries, please consult JATI