Autoflame Outside Temperature Sensor (OTC)

Autoflame Outside Temperature Sensor can be wired directly to the Mk8 MM or connected to the Outside Temperature Compensation Module for use with the Mini Mk8 MM.

The sensor’s body is made from aluminium and has 2 fixing holes to mount the sensor to a surface.

The sensor comes with 2 metre screened cable, pre-wired to the sensor and shielded with protective, waterproof conduit.


Specification : 

Sensor Type  :RTD PT1000, 2-wire
IP Rating  :65
NEMA Rating  :4
Power Consumption  :Powered by Mk8 M.M.
Max. Operating Temp.  :85°C (185°F)
Min. Operating Temp.  :-25°C (-13°F)
Housing  :Aluminium
Cable Gland  :Conduit gland
Mounting  :Any Orientation


Model Versions : 

  • Outside Temperature Sensor  : MM60007
  • MK6 Outside Temperature Controller (For use with MK6 M.M.) : MM60015
  • Outside Temperature Controller (For use with Mini MK8 M.M) : MM70015


* For any order enquiries, please consult JATI