Autoflame Standard UV Scanner

Autoflame Ultraviolet (UV) flame scanners work by detecting the UV radiation emitted from the flame.

UV scanners have very quick response and can detect flame in as little as 3 to 4 milliseconds.

UV scanners can be used for most gaseous fuels including Natural Gas, LPG, Methane, Biogas, Hydrogen and many others.

They can also be used on most liquid fuels including Diesel, Kerosene, Heavy Fuel Oil, Light Fuel Oil, Biodiesel, Methanol and many others.

However on some fuels IR scanners are recommended as they can achieve better flame detection results.

Flame Scanner Model Specification :

  • Maximum Operating Temperature – 60C / 140F
  • IP65 (MM80004) IP54 (MM60004)
  • NEMA 4
  • Housing – Aluminium
  • Power Consumption – Powered by MM Unit
  • Mounting – Any orientation as long as photo tube faces the flame
UV scanners Versions : Sensivitity Level :View Part :
MM80004 (new)StandardSide View
MM60004/U StandardEnd View
MM60004/HSU HighEnd View
UV scanners with ATEX : Sensivitity Level :View Part :
MM60004/U/EXPStandardEnd View

*ATEX approved UV scanners are  for use in Hazardous Environment where Explosion Proof, ATEX approved Equipment required


* For any order enquiries, please consult JATI