Baltur Biogas and Syngas Burners

The pressure on climate change and the general trend towards the achievement of energy independence have unlocked new possibilities for companies on energy management.

In this scenario Baltur has developed a burner technology to allow companies to transform gas from waste into a valuable energy source.

Thanks to the design of the burner head Baltur’s burners are capable to process biogas and syngas with calorific power as little as 3,4 kWh/Sm³ ensuring at same time stable performance.

All the Baltur burner for biogas/syngas are equipped with UV flame scanner to ensure a constant and accurate flame control where traditional ionization probe may fail to have.

In addition, Baltur’s solutions can withstand H2S content up to 1% ensuring long lasting system life. This is especially important in case of application of biogas, where H2S content may lead to untimely degradation of mechanical components due to generation of sulphuric acid when gas exhibits excessive humidity. The solution can be also integrated with state-of-art technologies for achieving additional targets on safety, emission reduction or energy savings.

Baltur Biogas and Syngas Burners are:

  • Integration of pilot flame (always present for syngas applications)
  • Integration of FGR to further reduce NOx emissions
  • Integration of O2/CO control to grant additional fuel savings
  • Integration of VFD to ensure additional energy savings

* * For other configuration or enquiry towards this product, please consult JATI.