Baltur IB (FGR) Dual-Block Industrial Burner

The new series of IB FGR industrial burners includes 8 configurable models, covering a power output from 3.5 MW to 24 MW, with electronic control and possibility of managing hot air (HA) supply up to 250°C.

This series offers significant features and benefits for various industrial applications:

  • New combustion control, integrating FGR [Flue Gas Recirculation] system management
  • NOx lower than 30 mg/kWh
  • High modulation ratio: 1:10
  • Low internal head pressure losses
  • Easy maintenance and energy saving.

Flexible Solutions for Different Applications :

  • High modulation ratio and Lower consumption.
  • Energy Saving and Easy Maintenance.
  • Combustion Air Temperature.
    Low NOx technology 
New Technologies Versions Model Type
Low NOx TechnologyIB 100 – 2400
Super Low NOx TechnologyIB 100 – 850
Low NOx with FGR SystemIB 100 – 2400
* * For other configurations details or any enquiry towards this burner, please consult JATI