Baltur TBML ME Industrial Dual Fuel Burners

  • Modulating light oil/gas mixed burners with gas side.
  • Electronic modulation.
  • Light oil side two-stage.
  • Modulation ratio: gas 1:9, diesel 1:4
  • Gas side burner with low NOx and CO emissions in accordance with European standard EN676: class 3
  • Combustion air intake with throttle damper. Air flow adjustment with electric cam.
ModelMin. Thermal Power (kW) to ErPMax. Thermal Power (kW) to ErP
TBML 900 ME10009000
TBML 1200 ME150012000
TBML 1600 ME 50Hz234016000
TBML 2000 ME 50Hz320020000


* For other configurations details or any enquiry towards this burner, please consult JATI