Baltur TBG ME V Industrial Gas Burners

  • Progressive/modulating two-stage gas burners with electronic cam.
  • Continuous modulation operation by installing P.I.D. controller in the control panel (to be ordered separately with modulation probe).
  • Gas burner with low NOx and CO emissions in accordance with European standard EN676: class 2.
  • Combustion air intake with throttle damper. Air flow adjustment with electric servomotor.
ModelMin. Thermal Power (kW) to ErPMax. Thermal Power (kW) to ErP
TBG 800 ME V 50-60Hz8008000
TBG 1100 ME V 50-60Hz100011000
TBG 1200 ME V 50-60Hz120012000
TBG 1600 ME V 50-60Hz160016000
TBG 2000 ME V 50-60Hz270022000


* * For other configuration or enquiry towards this product, please consult JATI.