Baltur BTG Single-stage Gas Burners

  • Single stage operation (on/off).
  • Compatible with any type of combustion chamber.
  • Ability to obtain optimal combustion values by regulating combustion air and blast-pipe.
  • Exhaust gas recycling blast-pipe able to achieve very low pollutant emissions, particularly with regard to   nitrous oxides (NOx) (class II for BTG 15 and class III for BTG 20 according to EN 676 norm).
ModelMin. Thermal Power (kW) to ErPMax. Thermal Power (kW) to ErP
BTG 3 50-60Hz16.642.7
BTG 6 50-60Hz30.656.3
BTG 11 50-60Hz48.899
BTG 12 50Hz35115
BTG 15 50-60Hz50160
BTG 20 50-60Hz60205
BTG 28 50Hz100280


* * For other configuration or enquiry towards this product, please consult JATI.