Baltur BTL P Two-stage Light Oil Burners

  • Two-stage light oil burners.
  • Two-stage operation (high/low flame).
  • Combustion air intake with throttle damper. Air flow adjustment with electric servomotor.
  • Fully closing air damper on shutdown to avoid loss of heat through the chimney.
ModelMin. Thermal Power (kW) to ErPMax. Thermal Power (kW) to ErP
BTL 4 P 50-60Hz2656.1
BTL 6 P 50-60Hz31.974.3
BTL 10 P 50-60Hz60.2118
BTL 14 P 50-60Hz83166
BTL 20 P 50-60Hz118.6261
BTL 26 P 50-60Hz190310


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