Baltur TBG ME Two-stage Progressive Gas Burners

  • Two-stage progressive.
  • Electronic modulating control.
  • Progressive/modulating two-stage gas burners with electronic cam.
  • Gas burner with low NOx and CO emissions in accordance with European standard EN676: class 3.
  • Continuous modulation operation by installing P.I.D. controller in the control panel (to be ordered separately with modulation probe).
ModelMin. Thermal Power (kW) to ErPMax. Thermal Power (kW) to ErP
TBG 35 ME 50-60Hz80410
TBG 45 ME 50-60Hz100450
TBG 60 ME 50-60Hz120600
TBG 85 ME 50-60Hz170850
TBG 120 ME 50-60Hz2401200
TBG 150 ME 50-60Hz3001500
TBG 210 ME 50-60Hz4002100
TBG 260 ME 50-60Hz4502600
TBG 360 ME 50-60Hz5003600


* * For other configuration or enquiry towards this product, please consult JATI.