DUNGS Pressure Switch GW…A5,GW…A5/1Series

DUNGS GW…A5 pressure switch is a compact pressure switch as per EN 1854 for DUNGS multiple actuators. Pressure switches for DUNGS multiple actuators GasMultiBloc and DMV double solenoid valve which can be either mounted directly on housing or by using an adapter. Suitable for gases of families 1,2,3 and other neutral gaseous media.

The pressure switches are suitable for switching a circuit on, off or over on changes in actual pressure relative to the set switching point (reference value). The switching point can be set easily and quickly using a setting wheel provided with a scale without using a pressure gauge.

The GW…A5 is a single-acting pressure switch acting in pressure range. The control unit responds to pressure. If the set reference value is exceeded or undershot, the circuit is switched on, off or over. Max. Operating pressure: 500/600 mbar

Model Versions : 

GW.. A5 Model :Setting range [mbar]c/with .. 
GW 3 A51 mbar – 3 mbarwith mounting kit
GW 10 A52 mbar -10 mbar
GW 50 A55 mbar – 50 mbarwith/without mounting kit
GW 150 A55 mbar – 150 mbar
GW 500 A5100 mbar – 500 mbar
GW.. A5/1 Model :Setting range [mbar]c/with .. 
GW 10 A5/12 mbar -10 mbarwith damping orifice and mounting kit
GW 50 A5/15 mbar – 50 mbar
GW 150 A5/15 mbar – 150 mbar
GW 500 A5/1100 mbar – 500 mbar
* * For other configuration, spare-part or products details, please consult JATI