DUNGS Pressure Switch GW…A6, GW…A6/1 Series

DUNGS pressure switch GW…A6 is an adjustable compact pressure switch according to EN 1854 for combustion plants. The pressure switches are suitable for switch-on, switch-off and switch-over of an electric circuit at a variable pressure actual value, relative to the set desired value.

The setpoint (switching point) is set on an adjusting wheel with scale. A test nipple is integrated in the metal housing as standard. Pressure monitoring in combustion, ventilation and air-conditioning technologies. Suitable for gases of families 1,2,3 and other neutral gaseous media. Max. Operating pressure: 500/600 mbar

Model Versions : GW…A6

  • Short response time during pressure fluctuations; The control unit responds to pressure. If the setpoint is exceeded or undershot, the circuit is switched on, off or over.
GW.. A6 Model :Setting range [mbar]
GW 3 A61 mbar – 3 mbar
GW 10 A62 mbar -10 mbar
GW 50 A65 mbar – 50 mbar
GW 150 A65 mbar – 150 mbar
GW 500 A6100 mbar – 500 mbar
Model Versions : GW…A6/1
  • Slow response time during short-term pressure fluctuations by additional damping nozzle;
  • Combination of two flanged GW… A6 single pressure switches. The two setpoints are set separately and independently. A combination of different setpoint ranges is therefore possible. The two control units are fed from the same medium at the medium’s pressure
GW.. A6/1 Model :Setting range [mbar]c/with .. 
GW 60 A6/15 mbar – 150 mbarwith damping nozzle 2x
GW 150 A6/15 mbar – 150 mbar
GW 500 A6/1100 mbar – 500 mbar
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