DUNGS Pressure Switch LGW…A2, LGW…A2P, LGW…A2-7 Series

The differential pressure switches LGW…A2 .. are adjustable differential pressure switches as per EN 1854 for automatic burner controls. Suitable for switching a circuit on, off or over on changes in actual pressure value relative to the set reference value. The reference value (switching point) is adjusted on a setting wheel provided with a scale. On LGW…A2P: test button integrated in lower part as standard.

Differential pressure monitoring in firing, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Suitable for air, flue and exhaust gases and other non-aggressive gases as differential pressure switches; not suitable for industrial combustion gases.

DUNGS LGW…A2P differential pressure switch is equipped with a test button. The test button permits a service friendly check of the safety function. If the test key is pressed while the pressure exists, the connection to the pressure connection G 1/4 is interrupted and the pressure under the diaphragm is released. The microswitch of the pressure switch changes the contact position from NO to NC. If the test button is released, the pressure below the diaphragms is built up again and the microswitch changes to its original position.

Max. Operating pressure: 500 mbar

LGW.. A2 Model :Settings Range [mbar]
LGW 3 A20.4 mbar – 3 mbar
LGW 10 A21 mbar – 10 mbar
LGW 50 A22.5 mbar – 50 mbar
LGW 150 A230 mbar -150 mbar
LGW.. A2P Model :Settings Range [mbar]
LGW 3 A2P0.4 mbar – 3 mbar
LGW 10 A2P1 mbar – 10 mbar
LGW 50 A2P2.5 mbar – 50 mbar
LGW 150 A2P30 mbar -150 mbar
LGW.. A2-7 Model :Settings Range [Pa]
LGW 1.5 A2-720 Pa – 150 Pa
LGW 3 A2-720 Pa – 300 Pa
LGW 6 A2-730 Pa – 600 Pa
LGW 10 A2-70.1 – 1 kPa
LGW 30 A2-70.2 – 3 kPa
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