DUNGS Pressure Switch for Gas LGW…A4, LGW…A4/2 Series

The differential pressure switch LGW… A4 is an adjustable differential pressure switch as per EN 1854 for automatic burner controls. It is suitable for switching a circuit on, off or over on changes in actual pressure value relative to the set reference value. The reference value (switching point) is adjusted on a setting wheel provided with a scale. The test nipple is integrated in metal housing as standard.

Differential pressure monitoring in firing, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Differential pressure switches: suitable for air, flue and exhaust gases. Pressure switches: suitable for gases of families 1,2,3 and other neutral gaseous media.

Max. Operating pressure: 500 mbarModel Versions : 

LGW..A4 Model :Settings Range [mbar]Degree Protection
LGW 3 A40.4 mbar – 3 mbarIP 54
LGW 10 A41 mbar – 10 mbarIP 54
LGW 50 A42.5 mbar – 50 mbarIP 54
LGW 150 A430 mbar – 150 mbarIP 54
LGW..A4/2 Model :Settings Range [mbar]Degree Protection
LGW 3 A4/20.4 mbar – 3 mbarIP 65
LGW 10 A4/21 mbar – 10 mbarIP 65
LGW 50 A4/22.5 mbar – 50 mbarIP 65
LGW 150 A4/230 mbar – 150 mbarIP 65

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