DUNGS Gas Solenoid Valve GSV Series

The DUNGS safety solenoid valve GSV, GSV-LE, GSV-DLE is a single-stage automatic shut-off valve as per EN 161 for gas burners and gas equipment. Solenoid valve for securing, limiting, shutting off and releasing gas supply to gas burners and gas appliances. Further area of application for high switching capacities, e.g. pulsed applications (pulse firing). Suitable for gases of gas families 1, 2, 3 and other neutral gases.

  • Max. operating pressure 200 mbar (20 kPa)
  • Closed when de-energised
  • GSV: fast opening
  • GSV-LE: slow opening (LE) with adjustable fast stroke for start gas volume
  • GSV-DLE: Main volume (D) adjustable, slow opening
  • DC solenoid, rectifier circuit in the line socket
  • Pipe thread as per ISO 7/1: Rp ⅜ – Rp 2
  • Suitable for high switching cycle numbers up to Rp 1
  • Reliable function, rugged and maintenance-free

Model Versions :

GSV Series TypeRp SizeGSV-DLE Series TypeRp Size
GSV203Rp 3/8GSV-DLE 203Rp 3/8
GSV205Rp 1/2GSV-DLE 205Rp 1/2
GSV207Rp 3/4GSV-DLE 207Rp 3/4
GSV210Rp 1GSV-DLE 210Rp 1

* * For other configuration, spare-part or products details, please consult JATI