Eclipse Blowers SMJ

Eclipse SMJ blowers are available in capacity ranges of 4,800 to 210,000 SCFH (136 to 6,000 m3/h), outlet pressures of 7 to 60 “WC (17 to 150 mbar) and a choice of four outlet positions. They can be used for cooling, conveying, drying, liquid agitation, smoke abatement, fume and dust extraction and other low-temperature applications. Available in 60 Hz models.

  • Heavy-gauge steel base and housing
  • Aluminum impellers that are balanced statically and dynamically
  • Revamped fan housing that allows the end-user to reconfigure the blower in the field by changing the direction of the fan’s rotation
  • The outlet couplings on this blower model have also been replaced with flanges to make the blower easier to handle during installation

Model : SMJ Blower

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