Eclipse Exothermics ER Indirect Air Heaters

Exothermics ER Indirect Air Heaters Produce Clean, Hot Air, Free of Combustion By-Products, Eclipse ER Indirect air heaters are ideal for heating and drying applications requiring contaminant-free process air. Fully packaged, indirect air heating system to produce contaminant-free process air with low NOx emissions. In addition, Eclipse offers dairy spray dryers designed to meet the requirements of spray-drying applications in the dairy industry.
  • The compact ER system is mounted on a painted carbon steel skid. The combustion air blower is mounted to the skid, ready for installation direct from the factory
  • The burner package includes a combustion air blower, air/fuel ratio regulator, bypass piping, gas trim valves, UV flame detection and a combustion air modulating valve
  • Gas train includes double blocking safety valves, pressure switches, pressure regulation, isolation valves and junction box for component wiring
  • All controls and instrumentation are located on the operator side of the unit
  • Maximum process air flow is 52,000 ACFM (82,010 Am3/h) at 70°F (21°C)

Model : ER Heater

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