Eclipse Heat exchangers Sinusoidal Plate

Exothermics Stainless Steel Sinusoidal Plate-Type heat exchangers are designed specifically to meet the requirements of the dairy industry. Heat exchanger with a unique, proprietary plate shape designed to achieve the best heat transfer in the most cost-effective manner. It is utilize a proprietary sinusoidal plate design to minimize opportunities for airborne particulate to gather on the heat exchanger media. High heat transfer effectiveness is achieved by corrugating the heat transfer plates to achieve our exclusive sinusoidal wave pattern. The corrugated surfaces create air flow turbulence as the air passes through the unit. Heat transfer is further enhanced by using a counterflow design.
Heat exchanger with a robust dimple plate design for use in dirty or corrosive/abrasive process streams. Fully welded design with or without insulation. Available in versions with different plate spacing configurations and flow profiles.
  • Heat exchanger is entirely constructed with 304 stainless steel.
  • USDA accepted gasket materials.
  • Proprietary sinusoidal plate design with 0.5 inch plate spacing.
  • Robust, all welded construction by AWS qualified welders under the supervision of an in-house CWI Weld Inspector.
  • Process temperatures up to 1200º F.
  • 4 customizable flow configurations.
  • Counter flow or parallel flow patterns.
  • Standard pressure rating of 1 PSI, with higher pressure ratings available.
  • Virtually maintenace free.
  • Optional insulated side panels and access covers are available.
  • Each unit is inspected through our ISO 9001:2008 registered quality system.

Model Versions :
HEx – Sinusoidal

HEx – Dimple
HEx – Tubular

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