Eclipse RatioStar Burner

Eclipse RatioStar is a direct-fired air heating burner designed for duct heating applications. It is ideal for applications in which the oxygen content in the process air flow is low or where a short flame length is required.

  • Air heating processes that require optimum heat distribution in process air flows.
  • Air heating processes that require optimum combustion efficiency (on-ratio control).
  • Low oxygen process air flows that require additional heat.
  • Process air flows with high inlet temperatures up to 1100ºF (600ºC), where standard air heating burners cannot be used.
  • Processes that require low emissions of CO, NOx and unburned hydrocarbons.

RatioStar uses a modular design which can be adapted to almost any desired configuration. The RatioStar burner module dimensions are relatively small at 6”x 6” (150 mm x 150 mm). The stabilizer is designed to create a swirl in the combustion air. The modular burner heads are configured in rows of up to 24 modules. Propagation modules are used to connect individual burner rows together to provide cross ignition.

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