Eclipse Tube Firing Burners TFB

The Eclipse Tube Firing Burners – TFB is a nozzle-mixing burner designed for tube firing applications with multiple fuel capability. The burner consists of a housing, rear cover, air and fuel inlet blocks, spark rod, flame rod (if selected), UV scanner adapter (if selected), gas tube, nozzle and air shroud.

Burner design provides:

  • Adjustable air shroud to maintain correct air velocity for different sized tube applications and fuels.
  • Uniform tube temperatures for extending tube life.

The TFB can be used with or without an exhaust leg recuperator. An exhaust leg recuperator is a heat exchanger that transfers heat from the exhaust air to the combustion air. Preheating the combustion air can increase the fuel efficiency by as much as 20%. The TFB can handle combustion air temperatures up to 1000°F. The recommended recuperators for the TFB are the Eclipse Bayonet and the Bayonet-Ultra.

Model : Tube Firing Burners (TFB) 


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