Ecom-CL2 Flue Gas Analyzer

RBR : Ecom-CL2

It is the perfect combination of wall positioned and floor standing instrument. It is an easy to use gas analyzer designed for commercial combustion monitoring in a variety of applications.

Features :

  • Up to 3 Electrochemical Sensors
  • CO Purge Pump to Prevent Oversaturation
  • Ambient Cooler Sample Conditioner
  • Flue Gas, Ambient, & Sensor Temperature Sensors
  • Averaging Tests
  • CO2, Efficiency, Losses, Excess Air, & O2 Correction Calculations
  • 7ft Standard Sample Line
  • 9 Inch Probe
  • Sensor Options: O2, CO & NO (NOx Calculation)
  • Electronically Monitored Condensate Trap
  • Automatic and Manual CO bypass function which protects the CO sensor from over exposure**

* * For any other enquiry, please consult JATI