Ecom-D Flue Gas Analyzer

RBR : Ecom-D

Ecom-D EXTREMELY Capable. It’s a Hand-held Flue Gas Analyser for Industrial Applications

Features :

  • Hand-held instrument with gas cooler option
  • For perfect NOx/SO2 measurements
  • Up to 6 sensor options (Longlife sensors)
  • Direct measurement of CO2 via IR sensor possible
  • Measurement of hydrocarbons via IR sensor possible
  • CO sensor overload protection without measurement interruption
  • Electronic condensation monitoring
  • Backlit display and keypad
  • Aluminium housing (ultra-light)

Technical Information  :

  • O2/CO (H2 comp.)/NO/ NO2 Longlife sensors (more than 4 years lifespan under normal load)
  • Automatic CO switch-off and fresh air purge (without measurement interruption)
  • Condensate trap resp. gas cooler incl. electronic condense monitoring (depending on selected variant)
  • Complete with ultra-light aluminium housing
  • Powerful magnets at the housing back
  • With high-value sampling probe incl. thermocouple, fixation cone and high value sampling tube
  • T-Room probe/T-Room stick (according to users’ request or types)
  • Calibration certificate – generated after 100% sensor calibration in climatic chamber

* * For any other enquiry, please consult JATI