Ecom-DP Engine Pressure Meter

RBR: Ecom-DP Engine (for balanced)

Product Features:

  • For pressure measurements at gas engines
  • Gas pressure control
  • Differential pressure measurement at air intercoolers
  • Measurement of flue gas overpressure
  • Differential pressure measurement at blow-by-filters
  • Measurement of crankcase pressure
  • Suitable for pressure measurements at gas heatings/burners
  • Thermal printer as accessory
  • Min./Max. function (storage of lowest or highest value)
  • Freeze function (manual temporary storage of a specific measurement value)
  • Damping adjustable
  • Changeable parameter for specific tests
  • Data storage and data logging
Suitable for the Following Measurements:

  • Measurements and adjustments of engines
    • Gas pressure control (±80 hPa to 8 bar)
    • Differential pressure measurements at air intercooler (±20 to 700 hPa)
  • Measurement of flue gas overpressure (±5 to 120 hPa)
    • Differential pressure measurements at blow-by-filters (5 to 50 hPa)
  • Measurement of crankcase pressure (-5 to 100 HPa)
    • Differential pressure measurements at gas heatings/gas burners (connection pressure, nozzle pressure, plant pressure, and standby pressure) also possible

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