Ecom-DP Pressure Meter

RBR : Ecom-DP

The ecom-DP can be turned into a pressure check kit while completing with the needed accessories and the storage transport case.
Rounding-up with an ecom-LSG, gas leak detector would be just perfect to track possible leakages while performing the usability check :
  • ecom-DP, with 1 sensor ± 0-1500 hPa
  • ecom-DP with two sensors ± 1500 hPa
  • ecom-DP with each 1 sensor ± 70 hPa and ± 1500 hPa


  • For various applications of pressure measurements
  • Two sensors and measurement ranges for parallel or separate measurements
  • Optional thermal printer for measurement data printout
  • Min./max. function (recording of lowest respectively highest measurement value)
  • Freeze function (manual temporary storage of a specific measurement value)
  • Adjustable damping Optional measurement routines (checks acc. to TRGI, tightness checks at gas fittings, etc.)
  • Changeable parameters for single checks
  • Data recording and data logging
For Various Pressure Measurements within the Available Measurement Ranges
  • Differential pressure measurements at gas heatings/gas burners (connection pressure, nozzle pressure, plant pressure and idle pressure)
  • Further differential pressure measurements and pressure checks



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