Ecom-EN3-R Flue Gas Analyzer

RBR: Ecom-EN3R

Ecom-EN3-R is an EXTREMELY versatile Flue Gas Analyzer with Integral Soot Measurement for oil-fired heating plants.

Features :

  • Compact, accurate, robust, safe, efficient, versatile, full equipment
  • Integral soot measurement: perfect for oil-fired heating plant
  • Longlife sensors
  • CO sensor overexposure protection without measurement interruption
  • Electronic condensate monitoring
  • Low-maintenance, high-performance pump
  • Powerful Lithium-Ion battery
  • TFT color display and backlit keypad
  • Aluminum housing (ultra-light) and aluminum-framed transport case

Technical Information:

  • With O2 / CO (H2 comp.)- Longlife sensors
  • Automatic Co switch-off and purge (without measurement interruption)
  • Electronic condensate monitoring
  • Integral thermal quick-printer 58 mm
  • Powerful Lithium-Ion battery
  • LED flow display
  • TFT color display and backlit keypad
  • Low-maintenance, high-performance pump (2.6 l/min.)
  • Ultra-light aluminum housing and aluminum-framed transport case
  • Heatable soot probe with thermocouple, fixation cone, and fixation magnet
  • T-Room sensor

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