Ecom-J2KNpro Flue Gas Analyzer

RBR: Ecom-J2KNpro

Ecom-J2KNpro EXTREMELY broad reach :  Performing Flue Gas Analyser with Remote Control Module via Radio. It is a further development of the popular J-series (e.g. with the predecessor models ecom-J, ecom-JN, ecom-J2K as well as ecom-J2KN). Truly it is more than a measuring analyzer the user acquires with the ecom-J2KNpro: these are in fact two, a control and a basic module separately operable. Even the basic module of the ecom-J2KNpro has a display informing about the operation status of the most important components and features. New are also the versatile applications offered by the ecom-J2KNpro numerous interfaces.

Features :
  • Radio remote controller with high functionality
  • Up to 50 meters stable coverage
  • Gas cooler for NOx/SO2 measurement (depending on selected model variant)
  • Robust aluminium housing fitted in alu-framed transport case
  • Automatic CO-switch-off and sensor purging
  • Powerful Lithium-Ion battery
  • Integral thermal quick-printer
  • Integral soot measurement
  • Up to 6 sensor options (Longlife sensors)
  • Brushless high-performance pump (2.6 liters/minute)
  • CO sensor exceeding protection without measurement interruption
  • Multi-step sample gas filtering
  • Electronic condensate monitoring
  • Instrument inner heating
  • Backlit display and keypad

Technical Information:

  • With O2/CO (H2 comp.) Longlife sensors (lifespan higher than 4 years by normal load)
  • Automatic CO-switch-off and sensor purging (without measurement interruption)
  • Condensate trap resp. gas cooler incl. electronic condensate monitoring (depending on selected model variant)
  • Powerful Lithium-Ion battery
  • Gas cooler with automatic condensate evacuation
  • Integral thermal quick-printer
  • High-value gas sampling probe incl. thermocouple, fixation cone and high-value 3-chamber gas sampling tubing
  • Status display for indication of basic functions, adjustments, and warning messages
  • Complete in ultra-light, robust aluminum housing
  • T-Room sensor / T-Room stick (according to request resp. model variant)
  • Integral soot measurement (application-related covered in standard delivery scope)
  • Fitted in spacious aluminum-framed transport case with comfort shoulder carrying strap
  • Calibration certificate – issued after 100% sensors calibration into climatic chamber
  • Free downloadable PC software

Radio Remote Controller (Included in standard delivery scope)

  • High coverage for bridging distances between measurement place (gas opening) and adjustment system (e.g. burner, control panel, etc.)
  • Incl. thermocouple input, mini USB connector (data transfer to laptop/PC), SD card slot
  • Backlit foil keypad and high-value color TFT display
  • Indication, printout, and recording of measurement data
  • Complete instrument operation command (i. a. manual CO switch-off, start and end of measurements, data processing, …)
  • Stable data transfer via radio (highest avoidance of interferences, bypass of metal or concrete obstacles, automatic connection, no abrupt disconnection, keeping of all measurement values as well as automatic build-up and restoration of radio connection)

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