Hauck IPG Ignition Gas Pilots

Hauck blast type gas pilots – IPG gas pilot is a factory assembled prepiped pilot gas unit that permits easy fast installation. IPGs provide a reliable means of lighting Hauck burners and many other makes of gas and oil burners. Each pilot is designed to provide flame stability and long life under severe operating conditions including compensation for burner and/or furnace back pressure. The IPG is available in three pilot sizes with 16 osig (6,900 Pa) capacity range of 21,800 to 80,500 Btu/hr (5.8 to 21.3 kW).

  • Air/gas mixer with finite fuel gas adjustment valve
  • Heat resistant stainless steel alloy flame holder and nozzle
  • Prepiped and assembled using industry accepted components and practices for ease of system integration and installation
  • Back-loaded fuel gas regulator with automatic compensation for variations in burner or chamber back pressure
  • Available manifold version with safety shutoff and leak test valves for simplified insurance approval and NFPA
  • Code testing requirements

Model : IPG gas pilot 

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