Hauck MCOV Valves

Hauck (MCOV) Micro-Cam Oil Valves is designed to provide positive, accurate, graduated control of fuel liquid flow to any type of burner. Flow control may be either manual or automatic.

This valve is specifically engineered to handle small to large oil capacities. B & F valves are UL listed for assured quality.

The Hauck MCOV is intended for flow control; BUT it is not designed to replace a shutoff valve*. For tight shutoff, a ball type or solenoid valve must be provided in the fuel supply line. These valves will successfully and efficiently handle any grade of fuel oil, even heavy fuel oils, when preheated to the proper viscosity and flow characteristics.

Features :

  • All-purpose liquid fuel valve
  • Ideal for modulating liquid fuel flow manually, with a linked actuator, or a direct coupled actuator
  • Ideal for limiting liquid fuel flow in main or bypass fuel supplies
  • Valve bodies feature solid steel construction, precision machined for accuracy and dependability
  • Heat tempered components ensure a long service life
  • Zero maintenance design prevents fouling
  • UL Listed B and F series valves for a variety of applications


* For any enquiries, please consult JATI