Hauck Megastar Burner

MegaStar burner supports a wide variety of liquid and gaseous fuels offering flexibility for optimizing fuel costs. Low pressure atomization is used for light fuel oil or LP with high pressure compressed air atomization available for heavy fuel oils or high elevation installations. Emissions of NOX, CO and VOCs are minimized with proven and effective technologies.The burner’s wide range of flame shaping ability allows the flame to be adapted to specific process requirements. All combustion is completed within the recommended combustion zone, keeping emissions low by eliminating flame quenching from process materials. The MegaStar employs variable frequency drive (VFD) technology for precise air flow control over its entire operating range. Combining precise air flow control with real time fuel flow measurement results in maximum combustion efficiency and cost savings. The use of this VFD technology offers energy savings through reduced electricity consumption. The burner package is compact and easy to install, yet remains accessible and simple to service. The number of moving parts has been reduced and linkages have been eliminated to make the burner easy to maintain and adjust. The burner, paired with a Hauck BCS7000 panel, provides the ultimate solution for flame management, process control, and efficiency.

Available in sizes ranging from a nominal 25 to 150 million Btu/h (7,327 to 43, 960 kW), for applications up to 1500 ºF (815 ºC). Custom lengths are also available for warm-mix applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Energy savings
  • Low NOX emissions
  • Low motor starting current reduces utility demand charges
  • Ideal for sand drying applications
  • Reduction of thermal and mechanical stresses on the motor during starts
  • Standard and longnose versions available
  • Simple installation and set-up
  • High power factor
  • Lower KVA

* * For other enquiries, please consult JATI