Hauck MRO Regulator

The Hauck “MRO” Oil-Air Ratio Regulator is designed to accurately and consistently deliver the oil pressure which proportionally corresponds to the air pressure supplied to the burners. It is engineered to function automatically over an air impulse pressure range from 0 – 16 osig (0-6.9 kPa). This regulator is of the single seat design with a large operated diaphragm. The single seat design requires that a fairly constant oil supply line pressure be maintained to the ratio regulator. The MRO provides an automatic and simple means of maintaining this ratio even at extremely low flow rates.


  • Accurate and repeatable low flow rate sensitivity
  • Wide turndown capability
  • Easy to maintain
  • Wide capacity range
  • Provides automatic and simple method of maintaining air/oil ratio
  • Requires constant oil supply at 45 – 65 psig (310 – 450 kPa)
  • Rugged modular construction
  • Overpressure safety relief valve
  • Handles No. 1 through No. 6 fuel oil


* For any enquiries, please consult JATI