Hauck NMC Combination Burners

Hauck NM nozzle mix burners are designed for applications requiring a general purpose, long life, low maintenance burner. Fires most gaseous fuels, No. 2 oil or gas/oil combination. Preheated air models to 800ºF (425ºC). It can be controlled manually or automatically. Automatic control normally employs a Hauck Ratio Regulator for each control zone or burner to maintain the air-fuel ratio. An alternate system uses control valves in each of the fuel and air lines, linking the valves to a single motor controller. Common use of the burner in recuperative systems results in an economical approach to energy savings.


  • Complete combustion system
  • Durable WHG burner designed for direct fired applications
  • Burner flame that ‘hugs’ the wall
  • Pre-piped, pre-wired and skid mounted

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