Hauck Starjet Burner

The StarJet burner is designed to recirculate the hot gases, providing flame stability over its wide operating range. This eliminates the need for refractory ignition tile and combustion chamber. The StarJet can have the short, bushy flame for drum mixing or a long flame depending on the application. The burner’s wide turndown is particularly useful when lower production rates are desired, such as when making cold patch material.

Features & Benefits :

  • No ignition tile
  • No combustion chamber required
  • Convenient flame shaping
  • Wide turndown
  • Compressed air option available
  • Fuels fired:
    • Heavy Fuel Oil
    • Light Fuel Oil
    • Natural Gas
    • Liquid Propane (LP)
    • Landfill Gas

* * For other enquiries, please consult JATI