Hauck WHG Wall Hugger Gas Burner

Hauck WHG Wall Hugger Gas Burners are designed specifically for direct fired applications requiring even heat distribution and no flame impingement. Air and fuel are piped into the burner separately and mixed at the nozzle. It produces a flat flame with minimal forward flame travel. The flame hugs the wall in a circular pattern, spreading out from the nozzle while the hot gasses move along the adjacent refractory.

Features :

  • Flat flame profile throughout entire firing range
  • Direct spark or gas pilot ignition
  • Immediate ramping up to high fire reduces furnace heat-up time
  • Stable operation in cold furnace at low excess air
  • Even heat distribution with no flame impingement
  • UV or flame rod flame supervision
  • Preheated air up to 800ºF (425ºC)

* * For other enquiries, please consult JATI