Hauck WHI Wall Hugger Low NOx Burner

Hauck’s WHI Wall Hugger Invisiflame® burner is designed for applications requiring even heat distribution with no flame impingement and low NOx emissions. The flame hugs the wall, even at high turndown ratios, allowing the burner to be placed close to the load. The burner’s three-staged air injection design maximizes production efficiency while minimizing NOx and CO emissions. Low excess air operation (5%) results in outstanding fuel efficiency. The WHI fires any clean industrial fuel gas with a higher heating value of 19.7 MJ/nm3 or greater with ambient or preheated combustion air.

Features :

  • Ultra low NOx emissions of 20 ppm or less
  • Low excess air operation (5%) for maximum fuel efficiency
  • Flat flame profile throughout firing range with even heat distribution and no flame impingement
  • Cold or preheated air up to 900ºF (480ºC)
  • Direct spark or pilot ignition
  • 8:1 on-ratio turndown
  • Low CO emissions including on cold start
  • Stable operation at ratio in cold furnace
  • Adjustable flange for ease of installation
  • Single air and fuel connections
  • Available in round or square tile versions


* * For other enquiries, please consult JATI