Honeywell C6097 Pressure Switch

Honeywell Pressure Switches are safety devices used in positive-pressure or differential-pressure systems to sense gas or air pressure changes.

Honeywell C6097 series Pressure Switches are designed to detect the upper or lower limit pressures of either gas or air supply in combustion systems / to monitors positive and negative gas pressures on various industrial gas and air appliances.

  • Two versions available: stand alone and flange mounted
  • C6097A2110 operating temperature range 1.0 … 10 mbar
  • C6097A2210 operating temperature range 2.5 … 50 mbar
  • Ambient temperature range 5° to 140°F
  • Switching point adjustment via setting dial
  • Positive pressure: Gas, biogas, air, flue gas
  • Negative/differential pressure: Air, flue gas
  • 1 to 500 mbar (0.4 to 200 “WC)
  • Siver contacts, 24-250 VAC, 0.05-5A
  • Electrical connection:
    • Screw terminals, M16x1.5 cable gland
    • Screw terminals, 1/2″ NPT cable conduit
    • 4-Pin plug and socket
  • Optional locking/manual reset
  • Silicon free


* For any order enquiries, please consult JATI