Honeywell SLATE™ Combustion Management System

SLATE™ from Honeywell brings together configurable safety and programmable logic for the first time ever. It is a platform that can easily be customized for almost any thermal process application – in less time with less complexity. It’s time to rethink how you bring combustion equipment management solutions to market.

  • PROGRAM FASTER : Flexible programming tools help you implement proprietary applications more quickly.
  • SPEED PRODUCTION : Load your custom application kit with a PC for faster duplication.
  • CUT ENGINEERING TIME : Eliminates complex, time-consuming wiring and programming.
  • SIMPLIFY INVENTORY : One platform from one vendor means significantly fewer products to source, purchase, stock and manage

Model Versions :

SLATE configurable safety modulesPart No.
Base module R8001A1001/U
Burner control module (add sub-base)  R8001B2001/U
Fuel/air ratio module (add sub-base) R8001C6001/U
Limit control module (add sub-base) R8001L8001/U
SLATE flame amplifier modules Part No.
IR Ampli-Check flame amplifier module (add sub-base)R8001F1041/U
UV Shutter-Check flame amplifier module (add sub-base) R8001S1051/U
UV Ampli-Check flame amplifier module (add sub-base)R8001S1071/U
Rectification Ampli-Check flame amplifier module (add sub-base) R8001V1031/U
SLATE programmable logic modules Part No.
Digital I/O module (add sub-base) R8001D4001/U
Annunciator module (add sub-base)  R8001N7001/U
Analogue I/O module (add sub-base) R8001U3001/U
SLATE additional modules Part No.
Webbasierter Farb-Touchscreen R8001K1010/U
DIN rail mounting sub-base (one per module needed)R8001S9001/U
SLATE extension cable50096820-001/U
SLATE connector kit 32008001-002 /U
SLATE actuators (angle of rotation: 0 – 90°) Part No.
Stellantrieb, 450 Positionen, Laufzeit 30 s, 5,5 Nm, IP 40 R8001M1050
Stellantrieb, 450 Positionen, Laufzeit 30 s, 17 Nm, IP 40  R8001M1150
Stellantrieb, 900 Positionen, Laufzeit 15 s, 5,5 Nm, IP 66 R8001M4050
Stellantrieb, 900 Positionen, Laufzeit 15 s, 17 Nm, IP 66R8001M4150

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