PON-Series ; with integrated overflow valve, bypass and integrated filter is the PON industrial pump program which characterized by a robust and durable construction and can be used for a variety of applications.

The pumps are ideal for pumping clean or slightly contaminated media such as bitumen, additives, fuels, heavy oils, but also vegetable oils. This makes the series suitable, for example, for dosing systems, machine tools, turbines or drying systems and much more that are used in machine tools, turbines or drying systems, for example. The pumps are preferably designed for direct installation on the burner and have a filter element integrated in the pump housing. This means that the operator can dispense with installing a filter in the suction line.

  • Self-priming
  • self-lubricating
  • practically non-pulsating, quiet-running,
  • practically maintenance-free, pressure-proof and vacuum-tight shaft seals
  • Discharge range: 45 to 1050 l/h
  • Operating pressure: 0 – 40 bar
  • Temperatures: up to 150°C (higher temperatures on request)
  • Direction of rotation
    • I = indirect – counterclockwise
    • D = direct – clockwise
  • Nozzle port
    • R = on the right hand side
    • L  = on the left hand side
      The direction of rotation can only be changed in the factory.
      Therefore please ensure that you state the desired direction of rotation and the direction of the nozzle port according to the dimension sheet when ordering.
All hp-Industrial PON model pumps may be equipped with heating H3 and electrical standby and auxiliary heating without thermostat.

* * For other enquiries, please consult JATI