HP-TECHNIK Motor Pump Group UMG Series

Single units with 2800 RPM or 1400 RPM with hp industrial pumps series UHE. The pump connections are marked as follows:

A = Suction connection
S = Delivery connection
R = Bypass connection

The pumps are designed in the standard version with direction of rotation I = counterclockwise (viewed from the pump shaft).

The position of the pump connections depends on direction of rotation.

  • Suitable for use with hydraulic oils, lubricating oils, all heating oils, coal tar oils, kerosenes and many other self-lubricating fluids
  • The motor powers are applicablefor fluids with a viscosity up to 80 cSt.
  • From 80 to 150 cSt. the motor must be designed by one power stage – construction size – larger
  • Standard design:
    • Units up to 9 bar: Pressure stage 2 = 2 to 9 bar
    • Limited to 6 bar as per DIN/EN 12514-1
    • Units up to 40 bar: Pressure stage 4 =15 to 40 bar
    • Other pressure stages according to model key, please specify with order

* * For other enquiries, please consult JATI