Kromschroder Actuator IC40

The actuator IC40 are low-torque programmable rotary actuator with 3-point step or continuous control for use in complex applications. It is offers additional functions, can be adjusted using the BCSoft programming software via an optical interface.

Features : precision step-motor, programmable opening and closing profiles and 2 programmable outputs.

The actuator IC 40 can be mounted directly onto the butterfly valves BVG, BVGF, BVA, BVAF, BVH or BVHS.

Digital input4–20 mA analogue input
IC 40A2DIC 40A2A
IC 40A2DR10IC 40A2AR10
Emergency closing function, digital inputEmergency closing function, 4 – 20 mA analogue input
IC 40SA3DR10IC 40SA3AR10


* * For other configurations and spare parts, please consult JATI