Kromschroder ALL-New Flame Detector FDU Series

The new FDUs enable multi-flame control or multi-point monitoring in conjunction with burner control units (BCUs) such as the Kromschroder BCU 560 or a failsafe PLC with a standard-compliant flame monitoring device is to replaced IFW 15/50, R4343 and BC1000 flame relay models.

Flame detectors for intermittent (FCU 510) and continuous operation (FDU 520) for monitoring gas burners in conjunction with Kromschroder burner control units, flame control using ionization or a UV sensor, diagnosis and adjustment of device parameters via an optical interface, EU certified, UL-, CSA and EAC approved, certified for systems up to SIL 3 (compliant with PL e).

  • For intermittent operation, ionization or UV control
  • For grounded or ungrounded mains
  • Mains voltage: 110/120 V AC or 220/240 V AC
Flame detector FDU 510, FDU 520 Versions :
For intermittent operationFor continuous operation
FDU 510W1T2/1O1-0K1FDU 520W1T2/1O1-0K1
FDU 510W2T5/1O1-0K1FDU 520Q1T2/1O1-0K1
FDU 510Q1T2/1O1-0K1
FDU 510Q2T5/1O1-0K1

* * For other configuration or spare parts, please consult JATI