Kromschroder Burner Control IFD Series

The automatic burner control units for continuous operation IFD 450, IFD 454 ignite and monitor gas burners. As a result of their fully electronic design they react quickly to various process requirements and are therefore also suitable for frequent cycling operation.
They can be used for directly ignited industrial burners of unlimited capacity. The burners may be modulating or stage-controlled. The program status and the level of the flame signal can be read directly from the unit.
  • For directly ignited burners of unlimited capacity continuous operation pursuant to EN 746-2
  • Continuous self-testing for faults
  • IFD 450 includes immediate fault lock-out following flame failure
  • IFD 454 includes restart following flame failure
  • Flame control with UV sensor or ionisation sensor
  • Multi-flame control with an additional flame detector IFW 50
  • Checking that the gas valve is closed upon start-up
  • EC type-tested and certified
Model Verions :
IFD 450 Immediate fault lock-out following flame failure during operation.
IFD 454 Automatic restart following flame failure during operation.

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