Kromschroder Burner Control BCU 560, BCU 565, BCU 580

For controlling, igniting and monitoring impulse-controlled, modulating-controlled or stage-controlled gas burners, for continuous operation (in conjunction with UV sensor UVS, only intermittent operation available). The burner control unit BCU® unites the functionally interrelated components of automatic burner control unit, Manual/Automatic mode changeover and display of operating and fault statuses in a compact plastic housing for mounting on a DIN rail in a control cabinet.

  • BCU 56x/580 with Manual mode
  • BCU..F1-F3 with capacity control
  • BCU 56x/580..D1 with digital input for high temperature operation
  • BCU 56x/580..C1 with valve proving system, can be programmed according to customer requirements
  • EU certified, AGA, FM, CSA and EAC approved, certified for systems up to SIL 3 (compliant with PL e)

Model Version :

* * For other configuration or spare parts, please consult JATI