Kromschroder Actuator Linear Flow Controls IFC

Linear flow controls for control of continuously regulated burner processes, linear ratio of input signal to flow rate, control ratio 25:1, for gas and air, with actuator IC 20 or IC 40, EU certified.

Linear flow control VFC and actuator IC 20 or IC 40 can be delivered ready assembled as linear flow control with actuator IFC.

For 230V AC
Cylinder 08, three-point step controlCylinder 15, three-point step control
IFC 110/10R05-08PPPP/20-60W3TIFC 110/10R05-15PPPP/20-60W3T
IFC 115/15R05-08PPPP/20-60W3TIFC 115/15R05-15PPPP/20-60W3T
FC 120/20R05-08PPPP/20-60W3TIFC 120/20R05-15PPPP/20-60W3T
IFC 125/25R05-08PPPP/20-60W3TIFC 125/25R05-15PPPP/20-60W3T
Cylinder 20, three-point step controlCylinder 25, three-point step control
IFC 110/10R05-20PPPP/20-60W3TIFC 340/40R05-25PPPP/20-60W3T
IFC 115/15R05-20PPPP/20-60W3TIFC 350/50R05-25PPPP/20-60W3T
IFC 120/20R05-20PPPP/20-60W3TIFC 365/65R05-25PPPP/20-60W3T
IFC 125/25R05-20PPPP/20-60W3T
Cylinder 32, three-point step controlCylinder 40, three-point step control
IFC 340/40R05-32PPPP/20-60W3TIFC 340/40R05-40PPPP/20-60W3T
IFC 350/50R05-32PPPP/20-60W3TIFC 350/50R05-40PPPP/20-60W3T
IFC 365/65R05-32PPPP/20-60W3TIFC 365/65R05-40PPPP/20-60W3T
Cylinder 08, controlled by continuous signalCylinder 15, controlled by continuous signal
IFC 110/10R05-08PPPP/20-60W3EIFC 110/10R05-15PPPP/20-60W3E
IFC 115/15R05-08PPPP/20-60W3EIFC 115/15R05-15PPPP/20-60W3E
IFC 120/20R05-08PPPP/20-60W3EIFC 120/20R05-15PPPP/20-60W3E
IFC 125/25R05-08PPPP/20-60W3EIFC 125/25R05-15PPPP/20-60W3E
Cylinder 20, controlled by continuous signalCylinder 25, controlled by continuous signal
IFC 110/10R05-20PPPP/20-60W3EIFC 340/40R05-25PPPP/20-60W3E
IFC 115/15R05-20PPPP/20-60W3EIFC 350/50R05-25PPPP/20-60W3E
IFC 120/20R05-20PPPP/20-60W3EIFC 365/65R05-25PPPP/20-60W3E
IFC 125/25R05-20PPPP/20-60W3E
Cylinder 32, controlled by continuous signalCylinder 40, controlled by continuous signal
IFC 340/40R05-32PPPP/20-60W3EIFC 340/40R05-40PPPP/20-60W3E
IFC 350/50R05-32PPPP/20-60W3EIFC 350/50R05-40PPPP/20-60W3E
IFC 365/65R05-32PPPP/20-60W3EIFC 365/65R05-40PPPP/20-60W3E

* * For other configurations and spare parts, please consult JATI