Kromschroder Butterfly Valves DKR

Butterfly valve & butterfly valve with actuator – DKR is designed for adjusting the flow rate of hot air or flue gas on gas burners, prepared for attachment of an actuator IC 50, for control ratios up to 1:10, with angle-of-rotation indicator.

Model Variance :
DKR..F, butterfly valve with free shaft end
– with the mounted actuator IC 50, butterfly valve DKR..F is suitable for regulating flow rates for modulating-controlled or stage-controlled combustion processes.

DKR..H, butterfly valve with lever
– On butterfly valve DKR..H, flow rates can be set and fixed using a lever, for example to limit the high-fire rate on the burner. A scale indicates the set angle of opening.

Butterfly valves for air and flue gas DKR..F
Temperature range up to 100°CTemperature range up to 450°C
DKR 15Z03F100DDKR 15Z03F450D
DKR 20Z03F100DDKR 20Z03F450D
DKR 25Z03F100DDKR 25Z03F450D
DKR 32Z03F100DDKR 32Z03F450D
DKR 40Z03F100DDKR 40Z03F450D
DKR 50Z03F100DDKR 50Z03F450D
DKR 65Z03F100DDKR 65Z03F450D
DKR 80Z03F100DDKR 80Z03F450D
DKR 100Z03F100DDKR 100Z03F450D
DKR 125Z03F100DDKR 125Z03F450D
DKR 150Z03F100DDKR 150Z03F450D
DKR 200Z03F100DDKR 200Z03F450D
DKR 250Z03F100DDKR 250Z03F450D
DKR 300Z03F100DDKR 300Z03F450D
DKR 350Z03F100DDKR 350Z03F450D
DKR 400Z03F100DDKR 400Z03F450D
DKR 450Z03F100DDKR 450Z03F450D 
DKR 500Z03F100DDKR 500Z03F450D
Butterfly valves for air and flue gas DKR..H
Temperature range up to 100°CTemperature range up to 450°C
DKR 15Z03H100DDKR 15Z03H450D
DKR 20Z03H100DDKR 20Z03H450D
DKR 25Z03H100DDKR 25Z03H450D
DKR 32Z03H100DDKR 32Z03H450D
DKR 40Z03H100DDKR 40Z03H450D
DKR 50Z03H100DDKR 50Z03H450D
DKR 65Z03H100DDKR 65Z03H450D
DKR 80Z03H100DDKR 80Z03H450D
DKR 100Z03H100DDKR 100Z03H450D
DKR 125Z03H100DDKR 125Z03H450D
DKR 150Z03H100DDKR 150Z03H450D
DKR 200Z03H100DDKR 200Z03H450D
DKR 250Z03H100DDKR 250Z03H450D
DKR 300Z03H100DDKR 300Z03H450D
DKR 350Z03H100DDKR 350Z03H450D
DKR 400Z03H100DDKR 400Z03H450D
DKR 450Z03H100DDKR 450Z03H450D
DKR 500Z03H100DDKR 500Z03H450D

* * For other configurations and spare parts, please consult JATI